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Flight Mode

I've used the Secure Settings plugin to manage the Airplane Mode state with Tasker on Android 4.2+. You will need root access to do it though.

Llama is similarly impacted with the root-only Airplane Mode restriction as Android 4.2 did in fact make Airplane Mode a system-level setting.

The only way I can think of to manage Airplane Mode without root would be to simulate the screen taps necessary for going into the Settings and toggling that function.
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Build a widget with the actions using Elixir 2 or similar and have Tasker try to toggle the widget?

Without root, Elixir 2 can only open the Settings screen where you can manually toggle Airplane Mode. It still can't toggle it for you. (I just tried it to be sure)

Again, this is a system-level limitation. The only way around it is with root.
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