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Font in text messages suddenly changed.


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Apr 13, 2020
The font of the typeface I'm using (KindGothic) is set to HUGE. The font all over is indeed large. Except in text messaging. It had been large there too but it suddenly changed to a smaller font. I don't know why it changed, nor can I find a font setting that is just for text messages. Can anyone suggest where this setting is - and why it suddenly changed?
I use textra for messaging.
See screenshots Screenshot_20210221-145908.png Screenshot_20210221-145857.png Screenshot_20210221-145825.png Screenshot_20210221-145843.png
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LG K20 Plus. I'm using the text app that came with the phone. Font was the same size in all text messages as the font on everything else on the phone since I've had the phone, until a couple of days ago. And the list of text messages is still the right size. It's when I open a text message or make a new one that the font is small.
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