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( for experienced smartphone users ) -- do you recommend i keep the g5 plus (2gb) or


Dec 17, 2013
i just got a 'mota g5 plus 2gb ram'

should i get the moto g4 play instead?

( for experienced smartphone users ) -- do you recommend i keep the g5 plus (2gb) or

* get the g4 play
* or the g5 plus (4gb version?)


you don't save that much in terms of price

but it's unclear if the g5 plus (2gb) is worth the extra price

last phone was a samsung epic touch 4g -- with nova and arrow launcher on it

and the g5 plus is pretty much the same size as the epic touch..........

yea the image may be sharper but it's not a big deal, what am i going to use that for..... ?


i don't really use the smartphone much for anything except:

* calendar (g cal)
* gmaps (no data)
* taking notes (keep...)

future usage likely would not change significantly

unless i find other needs for the phone......
have other recent devices stopped receiving any updates?


how much longer on average basesd on past history?


like a half a year longer or...?


better specs though i replied with:

'it also cost more

why use is it if the specs doesn't help with anything?

how useful is it?'

that wasn't responded to yet
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