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For Sale : $165 : Galaxy Nexus (VZW) + extras and made to order

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May 2, 2010
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..For Sale

..Galaxy Nexus (VZW) + extras and made to order


Shipping Included?

Payment Options

..Great: Device in great shape and all original included items

Extra Included Items
..Extended battery and cover. Original earbuds still sealed in packaging.

Additional Information/Comments
Phone is rooted with TWRP recovery. I will flash any rom of the buyers choice prior to shipping.


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A few more words on this phone. It's had a Zagg screen protector on it from the beginning. Though listed as great condition, the screen is mint. The body of the phone is also in excellent condition as it was housed in a Diztronic TPU case (included) since the beginning. You will struggle to find a Nexus in better condition that this one.

The earbuds are the originals. I forgot I even had them and located them when rounding up all the packaging so I'm adding them into the sale.

If there's a single issue, it's that one of the little tabs on the extended battery door must be broken? The door just doesn't quite seem to seal right in every spot. Once you push down on one area, another area seems to pop open just slightly. Still totally functional, I'm just a big fan of full disclosure. If you use the supplied case, it's a total non issue. The case is very thin which is why many of us original Gnexer's went with it.

Currently, the phone is running a mostly stock Android 4.3 rom. It has a few extras on it like some toggles, etc. Shipping included to lower 48.

Any other questions, post or shoot me a PM.

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