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Help Force controller support

Jun 26, 2011
There's a game series that I want to play (Dragon Quest), but they offer 0 controller support. I couldn't find anything on Google about forcing and mapping controller support. Is there another app I could use to do so without rooting the phone? I've been out of the rooting scene for almost a decade.
I'm pretty sure you can't. The dev either built the game so it could use a controller, or it doesn't.

For Dragon Quest, the devs are Square Enix, who maybe able to add controller support to their game with an update possibly? Might be worth you emailing them about it.
It'd been several years, and many people have emailed them. They have no real interest in control support, it seems. I honestly figured that'd be the answer, but I was hoping there was an app to map touch to controller. Where it could emulate a directional swipe to joystick direction. Basically, hoping even though I didn't think so. Haha.
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