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Foreign SIM doesn't prompt for unlock code - how to unlock?


Aug 9, 2012
I have a SaskTel Samsung Galaxy S3 (SGH-I747M, baseband version I747MVLLE8) that is locked, and I want to unlock it. But when I insert a foreign SIM (from AT&T) I get no prompt for an unlock code. Instead it just says "No SIM card. Emergency calls only." I've contacted several of the online unlock code suppliers and they say without this prompt I can't unlock the phone. I've also tried to enter variations of the *7465625* code to get an unlock prompt, but they do nothing at all. SaskTel says they don't provide unlock code. This despite the fact that I purchased the phone outright, and have no contract with them. Am I totally hooped, or is there some way I can get this phone unlocked?
Hello and welcome ddice - thanks for joining Android Forums!! :)

I am not familiar with the SGS III - the best place for you to start would probably be in the Samsung Galaxy S3 - Android Forums sub-forum. When I got my Desire HD, I rooted and, as part of the process, the phone was SIM unlocked... I would imagine that something similar would be done with your phone - one of the other users of your phone would be able to advise.

If you wanted to go down the rooting path, then you would be able to discuss it with other owners of the SGS III, who would point you in the right direction.

As an alternative (because rooting is not for everyone), could you try putting a SIM in that is from your country, rather than a foreign one? This way, you may get prompted for an unlock code?

Hope you find this place useful!!

D :D
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