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Found an Divx/Xvid Player!


Android Expert
Oct 24, 2009
Southern California
I found it over at a post on Alldroid in the application section. The link the guy provided was to a Chinese forum, so I couldn't register. I asked him to upload the APK and he did. Many thanks to Zeno Chan over there.

It's called Wuzhenhua player. WARNING, it is in Chinese! But it's not hard to figure out which buttons to use. I was able to play 2 xvids from different sources (1 was a movie, other a tv episode). Plays a ton of other media types as well. The playback is a bit choppy, but watchable. I didn't notice it going out of sync (like the YX flash player demo did for me) if I skipped forward or rewound...It's in beta, but a very good start IMO...One other note, I don't believe it can do full screen at this point...
Hey guys-
still in beta but here is a new video player - good news is that it plays divx.
I tested this morning and it seems to run very smoothly.
I found it on the Italian forum and I am sharing:

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it needs Android 2.1 to work. It plays:

H264 high profile, 720 x 304 @ 24fps @ 405Kbps
AAC 44.1KHz
perfect quality
14-20 FPS
TV show:

DivX 5, 704
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