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Help FoxFi Bluetooth Connection.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Verizon version with Android 4.3 completely stock) that I'm trying to tether to my Nexus 7( 2012 version completely stock with Android 4.4.2). I can pair the devices and Foxfi says I'm connected through the Bluetooth connection but I still get no internet connection. I know the wifi tethering was broken by 4.3 but the comments section make it seem like the Bluetooth tethering still works.

I have tried uninstalling both Foxfi from the phone side and pdanet tablet from the tablet side with no luck. I have tried chrome, play store and a few other apps to see if they can get a connection. I tried pulse, weather app, speednet, poker game and so on and so forth.

On a some what related note, I thought Verizon could no longer block access to tethering apps?

Note to self: never update android OS without checking the comment section of the Play store for a specific app I use on a daily basis.
So I got an email back from the developer of FoxFi which said:

Could you try to turn on FoxFi (WiFi mode) again and see if the issue is
fixed now? You should be prompted to install a certificate first.

I'm not sure how this worked but it did. Before I created this post, I of course tried to turn on wifi tether and was prompted to contact Verizon to add tethering to my plan. Naturally that will never happen so I tried Bluetooth teething to no avail.

I was prompted to install a certificate and open a VPN connection and create a pin number on my lock screen but....

I can tether again.....
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