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Help Frame Squeaks Under Camera?

Normal...I wouldnt say it is.

I just recently removed the back of my RAZR, and that spot seems to be a weak area for putting the back on again. I had to keep pressing, smoothing it out to make the squeaking stop.

That squeaking actually made me begin the journey of trying to remove the back. Heard the squeaking, tried to remove the back from up top, next thing I knew...I had the back off...lol.

These phones just cant seem to have the same build quality. Someone mentioned the Droid X1 had build quality problems, like the upper n lower parts of the phone would shift. I Never noticed that and have yet to reproduce that on my DX1.
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Hey guys, just got a Droid Razr a few days ago. Chose it over the Bionic, hopefully it was a smart choice.

Ok, I've noticed that under the camera where the Kevlar meets the chrome frame at the camera that is pressed it starts to bounce and click a bit. Is that normal or no?

Mine did and it also did on the bottom of the phone. Had a click/squeak sound. Exchanged it for another and so far so good.

If it happens again, will exchange for another or just get another phone. Mabye a Gnex lol!

Or, a TPU case.

Good luck!
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It seems the more I handle it and press the bouncy areas, the more it seems it solids out. I also have the bounce on the bottom right corner & notice it while locking/unlocking phone. Everything SEEMS to be more solid each day. Oh well, a case or ignoring will fix that issue lol b/c knowing my luck if I exchange I'll get something wrong internally so I'll just stay happy that it's small things wrong w/ this beast! :)
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