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[Free] [APP] BA Financial Calculator

Hi all,

This calculator emulates BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator and provides multiple extra features. Through plot and table, you can easily look cash flow under different interest rates, amortization and depreciation with all periods at same time.

● Time Value of Money to solve problems such as annuities, loans,mortgages, leases, and savings
● Cash flow analysis (NPV, NFV, PB, DPB, IRR, MOD)
● Amortization calculations
● Depreciation schedule with four different methods (SL, SYD, DB, DB method with crossover to SL)
● Statistics analysis with four different regression models(Linear, Logarithmic, Exponential, Power)
● Bond price, yield and accrued interest
● Interest conversion(Effective annual rate, annual percentage rate)
● Date, profit margin, and breakeven calculation
● Store or recall values in any of 10 memories
● Basic math operations include trigonometric function, natural logarithm, and square
● Black-Schole-Merton option model
● and more


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