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free blackjack for huawel m860


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Apr 2, 2011
I've d/led several free BJ games for my cell and i get the "problem parsing error" message on all.

Then from googling this message and searching here I've found that this error means the d/l is not compatible with my huawei, even though it is for droid based phones!

my huawei is running v 2.3

does anyone have or know where there is a compatible FREE black jack game for my huawei ascend m860?

thanks eto
thanks mike but it is the same as before. i d/led 4 of the bj games from slideme and i still get the same error message about problem with parse error!

do you know of anyone who HAS a working BJ game on their M860 and can send/refer me to that particular apk file?

thanks for your reply
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...And I was reached by PM. This was discussed amongst the Mods and there is more leeway here than I was aware of. In this case swapping APKs which are legitimately available on third-party app stores (Zedge, etc.) for free is fine. Anything else is a violation of copyright and can't be allowed.

Cool? Cool. Reopening thread.
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I have been looking for a small blackjack game. The limited storage space on my Venture (which runs 2.3.5) means I prefer my apps as small as possible. As well, small apps are likely to use less CPU power, also important on my device. As such, I compiled a list of sub-1MB blackjack apps sorted by size.

Why, you ask, am I babbling on about size? Well, a small app probably has a good chance of being simple, not demanding much of the device. (Unless it is small because it depends heavily on the OS's libraries, but I was looking at ones that looked rudimentary, nothing with lots of features or nice graphics.)

Also you can look at the date on the app in the Play store. That's not to say that newer or larger apps won't run, but I'm guessing your chances are better with smaller, older ones.

You might have success with these ones that don't render properly on my tiny screen. I think yours is larger...

This one is from 2011, a svelte 93KB.

This 161KB one is from a year ago.

This 184KB one is from 2010.

Here are some others that I haven't tried but might work for you.

Appbrain.com lets you sort by date.
blackjack - Search Android Apps on AppBrain - Page 58
(That link goes to the last page of the search; scroll down and click "Previous" to go backwards through it seeing newer apps on each page.)

These from 2010 and 2011 are listed as incompatible with my device, maybe that means they're compatible with yours.
https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.july.casino <--this one includes a bunch of games
...etc, I'm just pulling links from that Appbrain search, you can look through that same search for more and click the button on each app that takes you to Google Play.
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thanks for all the pointers guys. RichSz I never intended to ask for pirated sw just I knew there were free apps for bj just couldn't find one that would load! I didn't think they were pirated illegal apps. unforgiven thanks for the pointer as well as divine bovine I will try your suggested links

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