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[FREE GAME] Police Officer Simulator 2023


Sep 23, 2011
I would like to present you Police Officer Simulator 2023, a open world police game on Android!

Become a police officer and take control of 65 amazing cars, helicopters, airplanes and boats in the biggest open world !
Drive in a whole city and arrest the bad drivers who have committed an offense.
Complete tons of unique missions to become the best policeman in the city and get the highest ranked badge!

Screens :


URL : Police Officer Simulator - Apps on Google Play

If you can rate 5 star it will help me a lot !
Besides, all ideas or suggestions are welcome ^^

Have a nice day,
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This app and game forum is all accommodating of developers sharing their work as long as their work is available from the Play Store. Advertising their work is perfectly acceptable in this forum only.
So he's not breaking the rules. But my point was less about how the mods might feel, and more about how the reader might feel.

@myke38 : You want to tell us about a game you made, you want to start a thread about your game? Go ahead, you have the mod's blessing. But if you want people to talk to you about the game, if you're trying to start a conversation: I'd make your post read much less like an advertisement from some big company, and much more like you telling us about this game you like. When it feels like an ad from a big company (or worse, spam in the inbox), people are going to tune it out.
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