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[FREE][GAME] Space Math


Apr 27, 2019
Hi all,

Are you the fastest, the smartest and the best at math in all of the universe?
And are you ready to prove it? Then here is your chance!

Play Space Math now!

Compete with your friends on different levels. Easy, medium or hard...you decide! Solve 30 math problems, quick and flawless to get a high score. But be aware....there are several bonus points to earn...the game is not over until after the finish line!

Download here:


I've never played math games yet, but they seem to be interesting and will help to improve skills. I started improving them some time ago, and have lessons with a tutor twice a week. I can already see that my skills improved, but so many things I still have to learn. When I need some help with homework I use https://plainmath.net/post-secondary/calculus-and-analysis/multivariable-calculus/multivariable-functions to find a solution. It's a site with different questions and answers, and also, sometimes I post there questions myself and get a solution. Today I'll have some free time and will try to play a math game.
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