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Jul 6, 2023
Banana Gun Roguelike
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Roguelike offline game about banana. Fights with guns against the monsters

Take a gun and run forward against the monsters, killing the enemies.

Explore locations, collect crazy weapons, dodge bullets and shoot everyone! Intuitively simple controls, incredibly smooth and addictive gameplay and many different tricks

Pre story

Among the weapons and tanks, in the middle of the battlefield, a banana tree grew. It absorbed the skills of fighting and battles, becoming stronger and more agile. Once the battles ended in endless idle mode. Young bananas were harvested and sent to the market. There he was found by a buyer and bought for coins and money. He knew what to choose, because he was one of those fighters who fought in those battlefields. He felt his own soul, the soul knight! The warrior brought the banana home and left it in a basket among the other fruits. Banana made friends with fruits, having fun and companionship. They lived like this for 10 days, developing their ability to connect. Banana shared the secrets of fighting and taught fruits the special techniques of the game.

But the day came and the man came. He took all the fruit, leaving only a plastic gun. The person acted like a dishonest or unprincipled person, like a rogue. Banana realized that this was IMBA and it was time to act. He will have an exciting adventure, and hundreds of difficult enemies will be waiting for him along the way. But he will not back down and give up, reaching the end. Just how a rogue can defeat a rogue. Having collected all his knowledge, he jumped out of the basket, grabbed a cannon and the game began.

Banana Roguelike offline brings the style and spirit of the best classic roguelikes to life with reimagined and compelling game mechanics. If you miss the roguelike genre of games and think that modern games are no longer the same, then think twice!
This game is what you were looking for

* Unique hero with unique skills.
* Lots of different weapons.
* Randomly generated dungeons are always a new gaming experience.
* Detailed enemy characters! They will fight against you with all their might!
* Intuitive controls with auto-aim system
* And much more - look in the game!

Support erowhelp@gmail.com
Site Erow.Dev games for iOS and Android


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