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The strongest fighters in the entire world have gathered in an arena. They will be competing for the name "Lord of the Arena", and as one of the fighter, of course you also don't want to lose to the other. Here he is, a game of fight mass rioting and wild, Royal Battleground IO!

There’s players controls his character using a virtual analog. The purpose of the game is to defeat the enemies that also aims to kill all opponents in an arena.
Each player kill enemies, they will earn experience points, which can also raise the level of his character. So reach the next level, players are given the choice of three skills, both passive and active, to be taken, that will surely make their fight is getting easier and easier.

Three Game Modes
In addition to the modes of the main Battleground, players can access two other modes that are Battle Royale as well as Capture The Flag. Unfortunately, the second mode is locked behind a level, i.e. the level of 20 to Battle Royale, as well as the level of 27 to Capture the Flag. And with the rapid death in the fashion Battleground happens, you will not see the other two modes in quite a long time.

Royal Battleground IO is shown with the use of 3D visuals, in which the player can choose from 10 characters, which is provided with a wide variety of weaponry. Of course, the characters and these weapons can not be directly selected, and the player must reach a certain level first, then can play it. The fight itself is played with the point of view of a bird's eye, so the player can see the surrounding circumstances clearly without being suddenly hacked from behind by the enemy.

Although it looks like it is an online game, actually Royal Battleground IO is a game offline that does not need Internet connection at all. Players are free to play without an Internet connection, either via WiFi or with mobile data. The fun, this game is not using the system's stamina / energy, the player can directly fight whenever he wants to. If players experience the death, they can watch a video ad to animate the character back, and if necessary, the player can also purchase the premium currency with the use of micro transact .

Royal Battleground IO game is a riot-civil unrest that has the potential to be exciting. Hopefully later in the future, this game could have a feature to actually fight in crowded-crowded against other players online, but for now, the Royal Battleground IO is okay enough to test.


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