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Help Friend's keypad hangs continuously


Oct 3, 2014
A "hello" to all,

My good friend (and myself too) has a Galaxy S of some 3 years old. It has been working fine all this time (as has mine), but since weeks now, her keypad hangs several times a minute (like, say, while we are chatting).

- At my suggestion, she has done a factory reset.
- She has upgraded from Froyo 2.2, to Gingerbread 2.3 via Kies (I did it too, just for 'fun', without any problems).
- She has tried other keypad apps, like Swiftkey and Go.

Nothing helps, her keypad keeps on "hanging" several times a minute.

Is there anyone who has ever encountered this, and who knows what the/a solution is? Google doesn't really give me any useful results or solutions.

Thanks in advance, also on behalf of my friend, who feels quiet sad over her beloved Galaxy S.


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