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Froyo 2.2


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Dec 16, 2009
We now know what Froyo will look like.. and i can say it looks "sweet".

-Usb and Wifi tether
-Exchange synch (Contacts & Calendar)
-Voice Search over BT
-Apps to SD
-Multiple Apps Update
-V8 Javascript
-Dalvik JIT
-Remote wipe
-Application Backup
-Multiple Keyboard languages
-More speed
-and much much more

Check the highlights for more details http://developer.android.com/sdk/android-2.2-highlights.html

Let's hope our Dream and Magic will support it. The speed increase would push those a few more miles.
I'm confident that we'll get it at least on the open market.. This shows us the value and power of developers, open source (thank you google), and even rooters that can communicate the experience. Most of those features are running now on rooted 2.1 and even earlier. My 2.1 has now passed earlier versions in speed and functionality. The official roms and 2.2 will bring even more. I think I can push the Magic long enough to get into the super devices when I'm able.
(if you are running cyan 5.x check out the today's rev3)
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It's now official G1 and Magic will have to get 2.2 from another source. HTC will offer it only for 2010 models. Can't say i was holding my breath but 3-6 months lifetime is not what i call support :rolleyes:.

Thank you for contacting HTC.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best quality service and promptly responding to all your questions and concerns.

Here are some Frequently asked question regarding FROYO.

1.Why doesn't my HTC Desire have the Froyo version of Android?

We have been working on these phones for some time before Froyo was announced. In order to make these phones available to you as soon as possible, we had to launch them with the previous version of Android. However your phone will most likely get an update to the new Froyo version.

2.Will you upgrade my phone to Froyo?

If your phone was launched this year, we will most likely offer an upgrade for it to the Froyo version. This includes popular models like the Desire and Droid Incredible as well as hotly anticipated phones like the Evo 4G, MyTouch slide and upcoming models. We will announce a full list of phones and dates once we are closer to launching the upgrades.

3.When will my phone get an upgrade?

We are working closely with Google and our other partners to ensure we have the earliest access to everything we need to provide a complete and solid Sense experience on Froyo. We expect to release all updates in the second half of this year but can't be more specific yet.

4.It took much longer than you claimed to release the
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It's now official G1 and Magic will have to get 2.2 from another source. HTC will offer it only for 2010 models. Can't say i was holding my breath but 3-6 months lifetime is not what i call support :rolleyes:.
This is pretty standard, abandon all devel on devices as the new comes out. For devices that need or should get updates I always look for linux based devices that have or might get 3rd party devel and user to user support. Devices that communicate, have potential security risks, or could be improved with UI updates such as routers, phones, STBs, etc.
Thanks to this my very old AP router has continued to evolve and is still very useful despite that is was abandoned by the manf long ago. My Magic is running 2.1 and surpasses any version directly from HTC or Rogers. 2.2 will run on the Magic so I'm not at all worried about what the companies do.
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Just tried the Froyo 2.2 port for 6.35 radio and to my surprise there is nothing really big about this rom. Appart from all the goody that will come with it the performance of my Magic stayed the same. The home is speedy but there is still too many things not working. (wifi, gps, camera, gmaps, etc)

Did a Linpack benchmark on 2.1 and 2.2 and they stayed in the same range. 2.2x Mflops to 2.3x.

Any of you on CM tried the latest 2.2 test15 version ? What are the benchmark on it ?.
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