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Help Frp

brian baker

Mar 14, 2022
Recently my wife as well as we both have our phones on hers is a Samsung galaxy a 12 mines a Samsung galaxy a 32 We managed to get them back they had been factory reset and they no longer will except our information our email accounts our passwords I don’t have a goingwe managed to get them back but they had been factory reset and they no longer will except our information in our email accounts or our passwords I I am not that knowledgeable about phones I’m trying to figure out how to bypass the FRP I can’t figure out any way to do it somebody told me that I needed to go into the settings and enable developer options so that I feel down/reflash it without the program start from when I go in to set up developer options it doesn’t allow me to do that it doesn’t matter how many times do I click on the bill number it doesn’t do anything so I’m kind of lost trying to figure out how to save our phones so if anybody has any pertinent information that would be greatly greatly appreciated thank you
I'm afraid the first part of your post is a bit garbled, so I'm not quite sure what happened: all I can tell is that something or other happened and both of your phones are reset (somehow). I don't know whether this is really FRP you are dealing with because you talk about trying to access developer options but I'd not expect the phone to allow you to use it at all with FRP tripped. So can you explain a bit more clearly exactly what state the phones are in and what happens when you try to do things?

My reading is that you are able to boot the phones up normally but cannot set up your Google accounts (is this correct?). So where are you trying to do this: in the initial setup dialogue you'd get with a new phone (which, without FRP, is also what you'd get after a factory reset) or in Settings > Accounts and Backup? What happens when you try to enter the account? Is there an account already on there? If you describe exactly what you do and what you see it will help us figure out what is going on.

Also did you do anything with your Google accounts yourselves, e.g. change passwords while whatever was going on with your phones was happening? This might be relevant, since Google treat factory resets and password changes happening at similar times (within a couple of days) as suspicious (it's a pattern of events that is commonly associated with theft) and so may temporarily lock devices out when that happens.

If this was actually FRP I would be very doubtful of claims of simple ways of getting past it (where weaknesses are found they also tend to be patched, so many recipes are device-specific and out-of-date). And since FRP is an anti-theft mechanism discussing how to bypass it in an open forum would just be helping any phone thief capable of entering a web search, so it's not a topic we discuss anyway. But as I say, I'm not convinced that is your problem, since you seem to have more access to the devices than I'd expect if it were.
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if it was hard reset vs factory reset than yes that will trip FRP. unfortunately talking about bypassing FRP is frowned upon here in AF. you can google the info and there should be plenty of links with info that will help you out. and re-flashing the firmware will not reset FRP. you will still need the credentials from when the phone was originally setup. have you tried changing the password? did you forget your original email that was used?

who reset your phone? what was wrong with the phones that it had to be reset?
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.... I can’t figure out any way to do it somebody told me that I needed to go into the settings and enable developer options so that I feel down/reflash.....

So at this point, you're focusing on misinformation that's muddying up what actually needs to be done so the two of you have phones that just work again. Ignore all that babble about Developer options, it's not a requirement. Whoever told that is either not familiar with actually flashing ROMs onto smartphones, or they're intentionally just using 'techie' terminology so they can pad their billable hours to work on 'fixing' your phones.

Just going by the wording in the posting you made here, I'm going to assume you're simply not comfortable doing something like a flashing a smartphone so I think in this matter, you should instead look into finding a reliable phone service center, discuss the problems you're having, and let someone who is trained and more knowledgeable work on your phones to get them back into working condition again. That could be a problem as there are a number of questionably reliable service shops out there so finding a reputable one can be a major project itself. Online comments and business rating web sites are now often tainted by bots and paid postings so that whole '...be wary about what you read online now...' is even more a reality so be wary and be more skeptical when online. Word-of-mouth recommendations are still a valid source of information. Where do you live? That could be a big factor as a crowded city will likely have a lot of options, out in more remote locations not as much.
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It sounds to me like the phones were lost/stolen, and then recovered by the rightful owners.

They have been factory reset, and the information needed to legitimately get through FRP is not working.

That is what I gather from the OP story.

As @svim suggested, take the devices to a carrier shop and have them deal with it.

As @Hadron suggests, this may be an extra Google security thing.

And as @ocnbrze says, we are not allowed to discuss any way except for the proper way to get past FRP.

If the original information used to set up the accounts on the devices is not working, then that is an issue to take up with Google and/or the carrier.
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