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Full "system" partition LineageOS for microG


Sep 3, 2022
Hello everybody. I installed LineageOS 19.1 for microG on my Xiaomi Mi 10T Lite and so far everything is ok. The problems began to appear when I attempted to install Android Auto using the NikGapps package (which I compiled by entering only Android Auto as mentioned in this thread https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/microg-android-auto-fully-working.4319159): the package installation fails as it detects the "system" partition is full and after some checks I found that there are only a few MBs free (while for the installation of Android Auto I would need something like 40 MBs). In the aforementioned post this problem is mentioned but the only solution proposed is to manually compile the ROM from source in order to reserve less space for the installation of microG, but I haven't found any guide to do such a thing. The last thing I tried to do was to replicate the instructions in this other article (https://androidhiro.com/source/ques...-system-partition-and-decrease-data-partition) where they discuss about resizing the "system" partition, but as I have seen the partitioning scheme is definetely different from the Nexus 5's (the device mentioned in this other thread). Any tips or workarounds at this point would be really appreciated :)


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