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Help G1 acting weird, battery drains quickly


May 23, 2010
Hi. I've noticed my G1 is acting weird lately. Here's a summary:

* The screen turns on at the drop of a hat. It used to be only the menu key would wake up the phone. Now it seems any of the buttons do. The thing constantly wakes up when it is in my pocket and "butt dials" people unless I turn the power off.

* The "home" key won't work in any of the apps.

* The battery drains faster than it did before. I replaced the battery and that seems to have helped, but it still drains pretty quickly. I used to be able to leave it on overnight no problem. These days, even if it has a full charge when I go to bed, when I wake up it is out of juice.

I recently tried to install one of those apps that wakes up your screen when you stroke a certain pattern onto the touchscreen, and I think the problems began around that time. But I can't find the app on my phone! Also it never prompts me for said pattern...the phone just wakes up anyway.

Can anyone help? Thanks[


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