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g3 , m8 or z2


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May 19, 2011
Manchester u.k
Hi all , I can upgrade mid December , currently I have a galaxy s3 so I dont want an s5 tbh because menus and fonts would all be similar so wouldn't be like getting anything new . The g3 , m8 and z2 all look good but iam undecided ive looked on you tube at them and all look good , so which did or would you buy and why , help me out people ☺
Hi kate , I fancied the g3 but have been reading that due to the screen it takes more battery power , then the m8 has stamina mode for great battery , m8 is also slightly slimmer but a bit too tall , also screen colour on g3 been reported as colours a bit washed out looking , think the z2 is a no go because I don't like the look of it , so I guess its the g3 or m8 ...
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I average 6 to 8 hours of screen on time on my M8 when I'm really going. I've yet to need to charge it during a day.

Without special power saving modes.
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