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Help galaxy ace wont turn on/wouldnt charge


Aug 18, 2012
I tried plugging my phone in to charge and it woudnt recognize that the charger was connected, so i turned it off, now it wont turn on again, it did the same thing a few days ago when I was at work but after alot of effort it turned on again, I absolutely cannot afford a new phone, and my backup is that inq blackberry knockoff and the battery only stays charged for a few hours, please any help, all of my work is done through my phone, I need it back up and running
Volume+home+power button gets you to the download mode.
So is what exactly is the problem, the charging port is not working or the phone is not booting? or both ?
You can solve the booting problem but for hardware you will have to get it repaired.
If the recovery menu is not accessible(home+power), your only option remains is to reflash the android firmware on the phone. You can do that yourself through Odin or you can get it done from the samsung service center, your choice. This will erase all your phone data(not sd card).

[TUTORIAL] How to upgrade, root, flash Recovery & Custom ROM Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 - xda-developers
The procedure to use Odin is given here in the section C, required files also given there.

Let me know if recovery is accessible, might save reflashing the whole firmware again.
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