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Help Galaxy Choice


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Oct 29, 2010
Devon, UK
I've had my GS3 about 2mths now and decided to look through the my apps list in Play store to see if there was any apps I wanted to try again.

Right at the bottom of the loooong list (I wish google would let us delete apps from this list) was an app called Galaxy Choice, which it said was installed.

Now I've never even heard of this app let alone installed it. So I checked the app draw and app manager and it's not there.

When I go back into my apps in play store and click on it it gives me the usual options to open or uninstall, but if it's some kind of malware will it actually install it?. All the description is in Chinese( I think).

Anyone else have this and if so is it safe to try and uninstall
Here's a couple of screen shot


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