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Galaxy GT i5510M data connection will not work


Nov 16, 2021
I tried a search for this problem but didn't find anything that was directly relevant.

I realize this is an archaic phone but it has worked VERY well for me until the data connection stopped.
I use this as a phone (wow so unusual), for text, and as a hotspot to connect to internet on my laptop. Obviously if it will not make the data connection I can't hotspot it.

Phone system: Android ver 2.2.2 Build No. FROYO.UGKC5 So it is pretty much original state.

Initially the failure to connect was intermittent and I presumed it was the variability of my cell service. Inside the apt. was much poorer than immediately outside my door. For a short interval it would connect after a couple to attempts (activate data/deactivate/activate, etc). Then it refused to connct at all.

A person suggested it could be the SIM card but then my service provider said that it talk and text were working then it would not be the SIM card.

What I am wondering is: if I can re-install the operating system (think this is the firmware) could this solve the problem. I'm thinking that with the age of the system a bug/glitch may have developed and a fresh installation of the OS might solve the problem.

If this sounds like a fix where would I get what is needed and how would I do this? If this is not a possible solution does anyone have a solution?
Can make phone calls, but no data access. Have you checked the APN((Access Point Name) details are present and correct for your particular carrier? And these are carrier specific.

But as the GT i5510M is 2G(GSM) and 3G(WCDMA) only, NO 4G, it could actually be that your carrier has ceased providing data services for these modes, and is now 4G and 5G only. And might be shutting them down completely sooner or later, which I believe is already happening in both North America, and Europe.

But there's no fixes for the latter with this phone, other than replacing it with something more modern.

As you're in Canada, and if your carrier is Rogers? This could be very relevant to your ancient phone.

"Important Notice Regarding Upcoming 2G/3G Changes on the Rogers Network"
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