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Galaxy j1 mini prime camera Macro mode


Apr 22, 2023
Most phones I had thus far always had camera Macro Mode setting.
I can hold camera close to object(say..back of router to take photo of wifi/password, etc..)
Usually hold camera very close and tap screen twice, then picture comes in focus and take photo, done.
Last phone (J2 Prime, year 2017)) did Macro, no problem.

Now I have Galaxy j1 mini prime (year 2016) which is almost exactly like J2 (thus I assumed item like camera would be the same.
Galaxy j1 mini prime do NOT have Macro mode option, Nothing happens tap screen twice, pictures still out of focus.

Per google search Galaxy j1 mini prime does have Macro mode option but not my Galaxy j1 mini prime phone.

Some say Galaxy j1 mini prime camera lense will not do Macro, but J2 camera is set for Macro,
This don;t make sense cause why would J1 and J2 camera lenses be different?

I tried several camera apps from Google Play store. NONE had Macro mode option.

So can anybody here shed some light about Macro mode for Galaxy j1 mini prime? Am I just stuck with NO Macro mode camera lense?
Well I have the z fold 4 and tapping the screen twice also does nothing. If I tap on an object just once, it will focus in on that object.
yes I tried tapping once, twice, three times, etc...NOTHINNG
Apparently it must be the camera lense used on J1 mini only that can NOT do Macro.
Funny thing is J1 mini instructions I found all claims to do Macro Mode
And J1 and J2 were all made in 2016/2017, why would Samsung use NON Macro lense just for J1 mini? humm??
I was hoping some camera app would trigger Macro Mode, but no luck so far
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Why would the J1 Mini Prime and J2 Prime cameras be different? Because they are different phones. Indeed judging by their SoCs the J1 Mini is the lower-end of the 2, so not that surprising if the camera is lower end.

Actually most phones don't have a macro mode (my s21 will focus quite close, but it's not a separate mode and not a real macro). Butt hoping that the hardware supports a secret mode that the manufacturer's camera app doesn't activate is pretty optimistic.
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