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Help Galaxy mini switches on for a second and switches off


Aug 31, 2011
I was trying unlock my galaxy mini according to this tutorial Tips [TUTORIAL] Unlock Sim Network on Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570,Ace S5830,Gio S5660,Pop i559,Fit S5670 on this forum. Everything went smoothly I got 8-digit code required to unlock the phone but when I was rebooting screen froze on www Samsung com logo. I took the battery out power again and since then when I switch mini on for a second I see www Samsung com logo then logo disperses it seem to be that the phone switches of and on again all and all.
I can switch download mode. I was trying to flash it but in some point download screen disrepairs and screen starts to flash.
Any ideas what to do?
Many thanks for helping an sorry for my English.
You fix it? I have same problem..the vol up middle button and power on combination dont work for me..cant enter in recovery mode, download mode works, but dont fix it the issue!

I didn't say volume mate, i said specifically

Middle key + on key

Use your volume key to move up and down once in recovery mode and middle key to select
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