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How To Galaxy Note 4: How to disable S Health

This resource created by Phandroid.com Contributing Editor Kevin Krause as part of an Official Series of beginner tutorials for Android Forums.

S Health is a nice enough way to keep track of your daily activity, but if you started up its pedometer and don't know how to get it to stop ticking away in the background it can be a real nuisance. Here's how to disable the S Health pedometer from using background resources to track your steps throughout the day:


  1. Open the S Health App
  2. From either your favorites icons at the bottom of the screen or from the menu accessed by tapping the three bars at the top left, open the Pedometer screen
  3. Tap the three dots in the upper righthand corner
  4. Tap "Pause Pedometer"
  5. Tap "Pause" when asked to confirm your choice
To restart your pedometer, simply follow the same steps as above.
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