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Help Galaxy S forces two different contact numbers together in text.


Feb 10, 2011
All right, I did a search and I didn't find anything like this.

For the sake of making this understandable, I'm going to refer to contact A (801-XXX-XXXX) and contact B (970-XXX-XXXX) as 801 and 970.

I've had my phone since early November and this is the first problem I've had with it. I have about a hundred contacts and haven't had any issues like this so far...

801 was added into my phone first, and about a week later, 970 was added as well. Whenever I send a text to 970, it shows the number as "801XXXXXXX970XXXXXXX" instead of just 970's number, and 970 does not get the text. When I call 970, it just dials their number, and when I text or call 801, there are no problems. I've deleted both contacts and added them back in with the same problem. I have tried adding a 1 to the front of their numbers (1-801-XXX-XXXX), again, with the same problem. I deleted them both again, then when I added 970, I changed their name and the problem persisted. I again deleted them and only added 970, and when I send a text to them, they get it, but when they reply to me, it comes back as a different text thread under their old name (which has been deleted out of the phone), and as the "801XXXXXXX970XXXXXXX" number, which I can't reply to.

Since it's only a couple months old, I don't mind taking it back to Verizon for a new one, but before I do that, I figured I'd ask here. Thanks.


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