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Galaxy S SCH-I50 undeleting txt msgs.


Jan 20, 2023
Does anyone know of an app that can be loaded on an old Galaxy S (SCH-I500) to allow me to undelete text messages and make them visible?

Have tried external programs with PC ( Dr. Fone,Android kit, and others), these programs work on undeleting messages on newer phones, but not on the SCH-I500. They all get to same point where they say they they must load something on phone through through USB port and this doesn't seem to work.

Any suggestions or way to do this?

Is there a way to do add apps manually through USB port?
sorry i hate to say it but those text messages are gone....especially from a phone that was made in 2010.

as far as adding apps manually, you can do it via adb. but, most apps probably will not work on such an old phone.

Thanks for the insight and reality check...
Being an eternal optimist, hoping someone had a solution.
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