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Galaxy S vs. HTC Evo


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Jul 20, 2010
So my friend has the HTC Evo and I recently got the Galaxy S Captivate. As soon as I got it, he proceeded to tell me (rather show off) how he THINKS his phone is better than mine. I know there are draw backs to the Captivate but I don't think the Evo is better than it. I say it's more of a draw once you tie everything in. Any thoughts on this?
Any thoughts on this?

A few things:

1) Show how you can play DIVX and h.264 720p video at 7000bitrate AAC, 44.1khz.
He is going to use Rockplayer and it will still lag

2) Show him how you can record 30 fps h.264 real "720p" recording.
Have him carefully listen to the audio from his HD recording.

3) Download neo-core and quadrant and have both run benchmarks side-by-side

4) Fire up the music player, show him the 5.1 surround sound, built in EQ.Have him plug in his headphones into both; playing the same music.

Thats my answer right there. There are more. Just the top of my head.
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There's also that beautiful looking screen which the Evo lacks. Also showed him how the graphics performance is better on the Galaxy. Actually saw a video comparing the two phones along with the Droid X and Nexus One and the Galaxy does amazingly well in terms of graphics processing when compared to the other three. But I cannot stand all that bloatware that AT&T has decided to attach along with the phone. I just can't stand AT&T period. Would've switched to Verizon had it not been for me being on a family plan.
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I agree with mrspeedmaster's points on why Galaxy S phones are better in those areas. Better graphics capabilities, better sound, and of course everyone is all about that gorgeous SuperAMOLED. But the Evo has its strengths over Galaxy S phones as well;

1) The UI. Now, this is totally preference, you love it or you hate it, but I strongly dislike Samsung's TouchWiz. I see it as a weakness, compared to Sense's polish.

2) Dual cameras.

3) Dual LED flash, as opposed to none. I know about the night mode and everything, but it really isn't the same for total night shots.

4) All the gimmicky extras, like the kickstand and HDMI out. Well the kickstand isn't that gimmicky, I actually use it a lot to keep the phone's camera lens off hard surfaces.

5)The screen size. I've played with a Vibrant prior to getting my Evo, and the extra 0.3" does make a difference. When I first my Evo, I had this "WOW, this is HUGE! I LOVE it!" reaction that I didn't quite get with the Vibrant. Maybe it's the way the bezel is large on the top and bottom that gives the illusion that the screen is smaller, whereas the screen is almost the entire front surface on the Evo.

Both phones have their strengths and weaknesses. I prefer the Evo, myself. But I think when you consider the shortcomings of both, it's a draw. It all comes down to preference.
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HDMI out won't be to the EVO's advantage much longer, Samsung is going to be selling a "micro-USB to HDMI" cable shortly.

Samsung Galaxy S Will Be Able to do MicroUSB to HDMI for Video Out | Android Phone Fans
Data Cables & Kits - Cell Phones | SAMSUNG

When you're used to Monoprice, $50 is a little steep. :eek:

Yeah, I remember seeing a video of there being video-out via the 3.5mm jack too. Which is why I mentioned "gimmicky" :p. But yeah, that is really steep just to see your phone on the big screen. I don't think it's worth it...
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Plus, the EVO is using a (hate to say it) outdated processor. The current Snapdragon implementation is done for. The OMAP in the Droid X/2 and the Hummingbird in the Samsungs should trounce it in most - if not all - areas. The EVO is a great phone, IMO, and does have some advantages. Specifically the dual cameras, screen size and Sense UI. I don't like Sense UI, but TouchWiz looks much worse from what I've seen of it.

Both phones are great, I'm sure, and both have their advantages, but it's silly to just come out and say that one is better than the other.
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I personally prefer the Evo over the galaxy S line of phones especially the t-mobile version it is nothing more then a cheap i-phone imitation. accept more glitchy i agree though the att version looks amazing so does the epic for sprint. sadly I'm stuck on a family plan for t-mobile :\ so i have to wait a few months before buy a new phone
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