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Galaxy S will get Froyo!

Thanks for the link but it was already a given that Galaxy S will get froyo, the 1.8GB application rom was the dead give away. What currency is that S$


S$ is Singapore Dollars right, if so that would be like $800(US Dollars) here in the Philippines at the VERY least. yes its PRETTY pricey!
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No, 2.1 is currently limited to a specific megabytes that i can use for applications. 2.2 removes that limit and also allows SD card installation.

no - from gsmarena.

there is also 2GB of ROM, with 1.8 GB free space for app installation. As you know Android 2.2 Froyo will enable installing apps on the memory card and the extra internal storage. Until then all Droid devices will have to rely on their inbuilt memory. Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is really a winner here with those 1.8 GB of free space - HTC Desire for instance offers only 120 MB.
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