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Galaxy s21 connectivity problems


I had galaxy s7 edge (with Android 8.0), and I used to do the following:

- Store some files inside "Secure Folder".
- Always stay connected with a VPN network inside "Secure Folder".
- Turn my mobile phone into a ssh server through "SSH/SFTP Server - Terminal" app.
- Access files inside "Secure Folder" through "WinSCP" in Windows 10 without a VPN connection.

Everything above were working fine until I have bought galaxy s21 (with Android 11) and Infinix SMART HD (with Android 10).

In galaxy s21 the connection through "WinSCP" failed with the VPN network active in "Secure Folder", however it connected successfully after deactivating the VPN network.

I tried to know the reason for this problem through doing these things in the other mobile phone (Infinix) but also the same issues happened, I understood from this experience that the problem is with Android versions later than 8.0.

Also even without VPN network, the connection to s21 through "WinSCP" is unstable (on both Secure Folder and outside it "the phone itself"), it disconnects and connects over and over again.

I hope the experts can help me in solving this problem.

Best regards


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