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G'Day....and...Strange folder behaviour...?


Apr 18, 2023
Howdy gurus,

I'm a rookie. I'm hoping someone might have had a similar issue to mine....
I've tried the search bar but the single result was a slightly different issue.

Almost 2 years ago I switched from an S10 to an S21.
I think I used the Samsung software to transfer across my data etc.
How much of that transfer was via cloud and how much was direct is not clear....but I do remember eveything went pretty
smoothly with no apparent issues. The S10 was reset & traded to a phone recycling company.
The S21 has been great, but it has a ridiculous storage management regime.

So I have a file in the internal storage named "SdCardbackup"
It was created during the transfer process because the S10 had an external card in it.
The folder was used by Android/Samsung App to capture the media on the SD card & move it across to the S21.
No problem. I understand what it was created for and why it has media in it.
I was going to make a copy of it on my PC and then delete it from the S21.....

I noticed the SdCardbackup folder had a few very recent photos in it that were taken nearly 2 years after I changed over from the S10.
This means the S21 is still using this folder.
How is this possible?
The S21 doesn't have SD card capability. Nothing in the S21 has been linked to that legacy folder. The S21 doesn't "know" anything about that folder except that it sits on the internal storage drive. At no point (that I'm aware of?) have I nominated that folder for use. And even if I have accidentally activated the Samsung transfer App sometime after the initial transfer, there is no new SD card in the S21 for it to save to or back-up.
And yet, something is saving photos & videos to that folder under certain conditions (not every new photo/video, just some...)
A closer look through the folder shows a mix of mostly older S10 era media with some recent photos & videos. And there is a lot of media there (approx. 7 GB I think)

How do I find which process or App is using that folder?
Should I delete it & see what happens? (not keen on this option)
Could it be something to do with WhatsApp? I use WhatsApp a lot for sending photos & videos to family & friends.

A google search of the www turns-up nothing related to this specific issue.

EDIT: Could this be a cloud / Google Drive / Google Photos setting issue, where the folder is being "synced" inadvertently?


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