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Galaxy S5 Charging


Sep 26, 2014
I did a search and could not find anything. I am new to the Android family, just switched from the iPhone a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier. I just had a question. When I have my phone plugged into the charger plugged into the wall it charges very quickly, but when I use the same cord, which came with my phone, and plug it in to the computer or my car it charges extremely slowly. Does anyone have this problem? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Easy answer.

The cord itself does not control the charging rate.... as long as it has sufficiently heavy enough wire gauge to allow the charge current to flow w/o resistance.

The S5's factory charging module is rated at 2.1 amps.

The USB ports on 99% of the computers today are only rated at 0.5 amps, about a 1/4th of what the phone needs to charge rapidly.

Most of the older USB charging modules were rated between 0.65 amps and 1.0 amps.

So, even the best of the old ones will not be able to charge your phone "as fast as" the OEM module can.

The USB charge ports on cars, motorcycles, etc... all suffer the same design limitations. They targeted a 0.5 amp charge rate.

Just make sure that any charger source you want to use can handle 2.0 amps or more, and all will be fine.
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Oh, one more thing... the S5 has a smart charging technology. It has 3 rates,

Fast Charge at about 1.8 amps for a short while,
then it backs off to something like 0.65 amps for a while,
then it will shut way down to only a trickle charge that just matches what the phone needs to operate on.

Any of a number of battery monitoring apps can show you the charge rate.
This is a good one.


and this one shows a lot of info

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