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Help Galaxy s5 root

I know there are many threads on this topic. I have viewed most of them, but am unable to root my phone. Although it's 2 years old, I feel it has some life left. I would like to root it to get rid of Verizons annoying bloat ware.

My problem seems to that I accepted updates, and now have passed the point where towel root will work.

I'm wondering if there is a way to reset my phone to kit Kat and then root it. I'll stay on kit Kat as my phone slows too much now.

I'm tech savvy, but have never rooted a phone (successfully). If you are able to help please give detailed instructions so I don't brick my phone. I've switched to straightalk btw, if that is relevent. Bought the phone on Verizon. It's an smg-900v running Android 5.0.

Thanks in advance.


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