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Samsung Galaxy S6 Charger Cord Type

What type of cord comes w/the S6? Is it the larger size, fast charging type the S5 came with, or is it the smaller size that came w/the earlier models S2, S3, S4 etc.?

I ask because I am currently looking to purchase a new cord for my S5, and I am considering an upgrade later this summer, possibly to the S6. So since the S5 can use either style of cord, I want to purchase the type that can also be used on the S6. I prefer the larger cord since it charges so much faster, but that may be more about the 3.0 than the size of the actual plug.


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Samsung Galaxy S5 & S6 Charger Cord Type

Along w/my previous question can anyone recommend a QUALITY brand of the tangle free or flat style charger cord for both the Galaxy S5 & S6 phones?

I have found that some how I manage to always fray the wires right on the end that plugs into the phone just below the connector. I think it's because I must bend the cord, for example if you have the phone on the table laying flat, then the cord bends around the edge of the table to plug into the wall down below. The Samsung thick, round cord does not hold up well being bent, it's too stiff, so it cracks & eventually frays. Unfortunately I have done this to several of these cords, always in the same place.

And before anyone mentions it, yes, I have considered wireless charging, however it is just not always convenient for me, like at night when I sleep with my headphones in and my phone is on the pillow.

Jodie :thumbsupdroid:
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Already got some few cases:
Click here

Check them out
May want to mention that that website is your store;) How is the quality of the product? Not to knock all products out of China, but the store is based in Shenzen, China, and was wondering how it performed?
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I like these two:
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I know exactly what your'e talking about.

Some time before I Started this business, I had some low priced case from eBay, I Couldn't resist the price and bought it.
And that's when its being said: "You get what you pay for". It was all smelly from glu or gasoline or what ever that was,
Then I picked some samples from my current supplier, paid more but had a much better quality.

You can check out my eBay store reviews. Happy buyer = Happy me :D
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