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Help Galaxy S7 Update: just a few E-Mails synced


Jul 21, 2017
Hey there,

after the last Android update (released a couple of days ago) the default e-mail app does not sync all sent e-mails but a few only. It is connected via active sync to a microsoft exchange 2010 server which did not receive any updates.

The other folders seem to be okay.

Anyone out there with the same issue (and maybe a solution)?

Thanks in advance
I just tried a couple things and got this findings:

- No difference between sent from built-in mail, Android Outlook or Windows Outlook
- Not bound to recipients
- Outlook on Windows shows all sent mails, so the server seems to be okay

Next step is to test wether the synced mails are the same as before reconnecting the account, this would indicate a problem with specific e-mails. Will give an update soon.

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NBfan32 How did you update your phone? Samsung haven't issued a new update since mid-July have they?

I started the manual update search, that found the update. Actually the other samsungs found that update automatically. I am not sure, but maybe we get other updates than you. Our smartphones are branded by Deutsche Telekom. Maybe they provide our updates, but as said, I am not quite sure. Which provider do you have?
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