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Help GalaxyS3 - Exchange Email Setup


Aug 12, 2012
Hi! I just received my S3 on Friday and I need to setup my Exchange account. I have already setup my gmail account. The problem is, when I get in to the Add Exchange ActiveSync account is that I enter the email address and password. I try to hit Next and it's not lit up - won't let me. Can't hit the manual setup button either. I can't do anything else. If I back up, I just have to start over. Why can't I select NEXT? I really am losing it! :)
I'm no Exchange expert, but I was able to get my email and calendar to sync with my work's Exchange server when I setup my new S3 after receiving it Friday. Glancing at my "Exchange server settings" on my S3, they show:
  • Domain\username field = my company's server domain "\" my username (e.g. "XYZ \ Uname" format").
  • Password = my password in all astericks
  • Exchange server = "webmail.mycompanydomainname.com" where the "mycompanydomainname.com" is the last part of my work email address of myname@mycompanyname.com format.
Maybe you're missing the domain name or and/or Exchange server info. Sorry I don't have more info. I still can't get my Exchange contact groups to sync as I've posted in http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-s3/599521-no-exchange-activesync-contact-groups.html.
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