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Help Gallery problem


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Feb 26, 2013

Q1. How to set a password or fingerprint lock to Samsung A32 5G default gallery, so when I press the gallery button it will prompt me for a password or fingerprint then can see the photos.

Q2. How to prevent whatsapp images and videos received from appearing in the gallery?

Those are excellent questions - but I don't believe you can password-protect individual apps by default. There are two options for you:

1- Use the Secure Folder for your photos. This is essentially a phone within a phone... photos, videos and other data stored in the Secure Folder are not in your regular phone's storage. You can move files in and out of the Secure Folder, which requires additional login to access.

2 - Use a 3rd party app like AppLock to add password protection to each app.

As far as WhatsApp downloads, they have to download somewhere... and the Gallery app automatically detects them. There should be a setting to exclude the Downloads folder from being scanned by the gallery app.
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