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Help Gallery REALLY slow. Sup wit dat?


Jan 28, 2011
I'm on my second mytouch 4g... just got it a few days ago after returning my other one. I bought a 16gb sd card at the T-mobile store when I got the first phone.

Took a bunch of pictures with it, looked at them in the gallery, everything behaved as it should.

Got my second phone and popped in the same 16gb SD card, and I didn't notice till just now, but the gallery takes FOREVER to load the thumbnails. Then when it finally does, I click on one, and when I swipe to another, it LAAAGGGGGSSSS badly. WTF? Tried clearing the cache in the "manage apps" menu, but it's grayed out with 0.0 cache.

Any ideas? anyone else run into this?


p.s. I'm running launcher pro, if that makes a difference
Word. I did try letting it run for awhile... but no luck. Still isn't loading anything into cache, and still taking forever to do just about anything. I only have 50 pics in there and 5 vids.

Just to be clear; how fast does everyone elses gallery run? is it instantaneous? when you go to "manage applications" under settings, could someone verify that the gallery is storing something into cache memory??

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