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Root Gallery wont open....

Dirty flashing a nightly build with the video playback didn't help? I know more recent cm bulls and I think aokp had these fixes incorporated.

i even pulled a gallery2.apk from an older nightly release of PAC and installed it. no go either.

might i have to delete the gallery2.apk and then install it again?

video playback is fine, its the recording that wont get out of 1080p mode. instagram and vine video recording work

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Its an out of memory issue, nothing to do with the video playback fix. I made a ticket for it on the bugtracker - https://jira.cyanogenmod.org/browse/CYAN-1298. Go mark that you have the issue as well, it might help with getting it resolved.

If you try it first thing after a reboot it usually works.

The work around I've found is to go to settings > performance > memory management and check "Allow purging of assets" and "Kernel samepage merging". Reboot after that and you should have better results with 1080p video recording.
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