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[GAME] Astrodrift Space Racing


Apr 29, 2022
Astrodrift Racing is a challenging 2d physics based retro style space drift racer!
I truly believe this is a great fun game (I enjoy playing it myself) and I literally can't find anything similar on the Play Store.

Single payment, no ads, no microtransactions, no pay 2 win.

- 2D graphics with a retro style and great lighting.
- Newtonian physics based 2d racing where you're ship will continue to drift while you turn.
- Unlock stars by beating star times and the challenging AI to progress the game.
- The AI does not run by wire, they deal with the same physics you do and sometimes make mistakes making the races feel very organic.
- Currently 12 ships and 13 tracks (all reversible, making 26) - I do plan on adding more tracks but this is already dozens of hours of gameplay.
- Online leader boards.
- Works completely offline; all online features are optional.
- Race against your own best ghost and other players ghosts.
- Cool synthwave soundtrack.

I hope others enjoy it as much as me.

Download here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.CreepiesGames.AstrodriftSpaceRacing

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I have just re-released the game as a new paid app.
It has many improvements across the board.
I have also added Google Play achievements and cloud saving (rather than using a 3rd party).

Full price £3.49 which is not bad for dozens of hours of gameplay, no ads and no pushing IAP's on you like many games these days! ;)

* I have a limited number of game launch voucher codes - first come first serve! Just drop me a message and I'll send you one to get the game for FREE *

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Also just released 1.106.
- Added the 13th track which is a difficult twisty track with fast outer sections racing between asteroids.
- Continued small improvements.
- Started adding alternate skins for ships (AI only for now).
- Slow phone mode now runs faster, great for those with cheaper phones.
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A few more versions down, time for a repost - now up to version 1.118.
- Tutorial and general onboarding process has been improved, with early stars being easier to obtain.
- A few ships have new and improved looks
- Many Alternative ship skins have been added and are now unlockable for use.
- Alternative skins also come with alternative boosts and add more variety in races.
- Updated all AI names to be more interesting and 'alien'.
- Added ship descriptions
- League mode now unlocks sooner
- Many small graphical enhancements and bug fixes

Download here:
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