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[GAME][FREE][BETA] British Logo Quiz

Hi Everybody!

I'm looking for beta testers for my game:

British Logo Quiz

The name says it all, but the below pictures might also help you.

If you are interested, request beta test group membership at the following location:

Just two clicks and you get to the Google Play Store link.

As we are not native English speakers, we are looking for people who have good native English skills, and help to correct some wordings.
Also, we couldn't test the app on tablets too much, so any help from tablet users would be greatly appreciated.




I'll give it a go at some point today/tomorrow. :)

What exactly do you mean by help with wording btw? Like menus/instructions etc, or in game stuff?

Thank you! I meant both. The about activity should be more detailed and more "English". The hints are a bit hidden, but if you find them, I'm not sure if they help you much. Most of them are from Wikipedia.

That's what I want to work on next week.
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