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[GAME][FREE/PAID] Mathmess - Multiplayer math game


Jul 25, 2012
Dear Androids!
It's time to open your minds, your math minds.
We've been working with this game for a while and we are proud to present the first version of Mathmess to you.


[DOWNLOAD] Mathmess on Google Play
[DOWNLOAD] Mathmess Free on Google Play

If you like math and always wanted to show off your skills, but haven't had the right place for it, you should try Mathmess.

Mathmess is a multiplayer math game where you can challenge friends or allow an opponent to be chosen randomly. It's time to show off or even improve your skills in math.

In the world of Mathmess there are three different game modes which all have different conditions and rules. The best part is that you can't have too good or bad skills in math to not play Mathmess.
There are seven different difficulties, so that everyone can find the difficulty that suits you best.

Every match is played turn-based which means that you play and then your opponent play or vice versa. Play with your closest friends or even with someone that you doesn't know who it is, what matters is how good you are in math.

Mathmess have a great leaderboard and ranking system. Every player starts with a base rating of 1000 when they create their Mathmess account. As soon as you start playing with others you will discover that your rating is changed depending on who you play with and how it ends. On the leaderboard you can see the top 20 best players for until now, this month and this week, can you climb to the top?

The rating is calculated using the famous Elo rating system which are the leading rating system in games and sports.

Once you have some friends, you will also have the possibility to chat with them. Play Mathmess today and prove to everyone that you really are the guru of math.


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