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[GAME][UPDATE] Protologic (stack the marbles)

In this simple yet addictive game you will have to move balls of various colors on a game board. The slots for the balls are organized into pyramids; there is one main pyramid in the center and one or more supplemental pyramids around it. The game starts with the main pyramid fully filled with randomly shuffled balls. Your goal is to move the balls back and forth between the pyramids so that all balls in the main pyramid are sorted by color (all balls of the same color are on the same row).

You can set up your own board by selecting the size of the main pyramid and the number and the sizes of supplemental pyramids. You can also play a scenario (easy, medium, or hard) where you need to go through a sequence of levels with time or count limits.

The demo version of the game allows you to play 4 levels, or you can select one of almost 20 different game field configurations.

Due to anti-spam measures we are not allowed to post any links or images, so we will have to add them as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can check out the game on Google Play or on our company site www sntgames com.
Hi Everybody,

We would like to present Chocolat, our new casual game for Android tablets.

The game trailer is available at CHOCOLAT Android tablet game - YouTube

Welcome to our little chocolate factory! You are going to work on the main conveyor line, and you will be responsible for packing freshly baked pieced of chocolate candy. You have to put the chocolates in the slots in the box with the same shape.

This is not as easy as it looks! The conveyor belt can go pretty fast and your score will decrease every time you drop a piece of chocolate on the floor.

Also, our conveyor line is pretty old and every once in a while you'll have a piece of garbage coming out of the chocolate machine, which you will have to through in the trash. Three types of conveyor belts and dozens of levels are available.

The game is available on Google Play at


(free version with limited functionality is also available).

For latest news and updates please visit our site at SNT Games - game development studio

Let us know if you experience any issues downloading and playing the game. Have fun!


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