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garage remote?


Dec 4, 2009
Does anyone know of a widget or app to make the phone listen to garage remote? I know that cars can talk to remotes, my Ford truck has a thing where it can learn three remotes and then they're on visor buttons. Wondering if Android phones could be made to do that?

And hey, while we're at it, how about a really universal universal remote... I know I have my phone with me all the time but keep losing other devices, what if the phone could be garage opener, tv and cable remote, wireless light turner-offer, window a/c controller, as well as the remote pc stuff that's already there like being a mouse. Seems it would need the capability to learn from other devices like one of those programmable tv remotes, and then widget makers to come up with a control panel for each class of device.
Being a car remote seems like it would be more complicated because of security, but that would be really handy too (needs a solution other than expensive Viper).

.. and an 'I've fallen and can't get up' thingy for Grandma too...
It couldn't act as a TV remote because that uses infrared signals, which phones don't do. Possibly, it could work as an RF (radio frequency) remote for things like the garage door, but I just have a feeling that it's a totally different kind of transmitter. It would definitely be cool, though.
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Not likely. Modern garage door openers use a preset sequence of frequencies to create a type of code. This is so others can't just sit there with a universal RF transmitter and open your door. Also it changes the code each time it's used. This is so some one can't pick up the code on a scanner as you drive up....in other words, I would think it's possible....but highly unlikely
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The Droid does actually have IR which it uses to sense distance to your face when on a call. Chances of being able to 'borrow' this for anything else is slim since the OS doesn't see it as an end user type function so tweaking it's function is likely not even possible. As to the garage door opener this isn't possible not because of the rolling codes as the processor in thiks phone could pull that off in sleep mode. The real problem lies in the lack of transmitter radio with garage door frequencies. This is a hardware piece that must be added by the manufacturer after getting FCC approval. Without that no app will do anything. The only possibility would be some sort of web based application that accesses your opener(s) that you could then access from your phone. At that point someone could write ab app to put a widget toggle on your homescreen or similar. That would be cool.
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