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gaxaly ace sd card


Android Question

Hi I have a galaxy ace phone on vodafone. I lost all my photoes and music off it last week and I've tried always to get it back or even add new ones.
Kies is rubbish it won't work properly. I was told to put music etc straight on to sd card so that is what I did. When I open it up on the computer its all there but it won't show up in the music app on my phone. I like to use my music for ringtones etc.
Please tell me how to put it right and what (if anything) I'm doing wrong.

Thank you
Make an mp3 folder on the card. Inside that make a music folder. Put your music in there. It should show up. (You can also put ringtones, alarms and notifications folders in the mp3 folder.)

Music is played with the music player. IF you want the same music used as a ringtone, you have to duplicate the file in the ringtones folder. Same for alarms and notifications.
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