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Generic Android app icons


Android Enthusiast
Jul 24, 2010
Mile High City
A few of my app icons turn to the generic Android icon on my home page. It's not all of them, but enough of them, and the culprits always seem to be the same apps. Bad apps? Sometimes the real app icons return on a restart, sometimes they don't. They all still launch but it's annoying.

Anybody else have this with their Maxx? I just installed the latest software update and it didn't fix this bug.
I've had this happen to me. Are the apps whose icons look like this installed on the SD card rather than the phone internal memory? When I installed or moved apps to the external SD card, the icons for those apps appeard like this after a reboot.

Yep, that did it. Moved back onto my phone and rebooted. Back to normal. I should have known better, that used to happen on my Incredible.
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