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Gestures Program Needed

Jul 17, 2020
I have an 8.1 device, and was using Fluid and Wave Up. I used Fluid so that I could swipe to turn the phone on instead of wearing out the on button, and Wave Up to swipe from screen to screen. Fluid stopped working so I uninstalled both. Is there a program that will allow the user to turn on the phone by swiping, and enable swiping between apps?
Assuming you're talking about waking the phone from lock, there are apps that will let you wake it up by waving a finger over the proximity sensor (as long as your phone has one). Actually some phones, such as my Samsung, have this built in as an accessibility feature (Easy Screen Turn On). Take a look and see if yours has something similar, otherwise look in the store for those apps.
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That makes sense. I just use swiping instead of using the back button. I don't know if I am overly-worried about it, but I am concerned about wearing out buttons, and like using software, instead.

I have a couple of devices where the power button got crud or something down in there, and made the contact almost impossible to make.

I literally had to blow warm breath into the buttons (volume and power) to make them work easily.

That is how I found Wave Up, and I used an at the time ad-free volume booster (Speakerboost) app to control the volume.

So both of those apps have been included on all of my devices since, as I am now addicted to Wave Up and because well, just in case, lol.

I even keep the old ad-free versoon of Speakerboost around even though the boost part won't work on my new devices.
The volume does, and that is well enough- considering how small the app is.

I even have an outdated but still working Brightness Control app.

I was just curious, because I never have known anyone else that was using Wave Up just out of the blue before.
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