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Get it online if you can


Android Enthusiast
Nov 13, 2009
SE Dallas
So i could not upgrade online because i had an order pending (long story change in calling plan).. So i had to call in.. I ask the lady upfront what is the difference in cost going to be if i order it from you or online... Answer nothing its the same price either way 299.99 + 12.99 for overnight shipping... So i said lets do it!!

Well she backdated my plan so the order would go through. So after that's all over with i jump back on line to just see whats going on.. And what do i see i can get the DB for 289.99 and free shipping!!!

A quick call back and the words "cancel service" quickly received a 22 dollar credit.

I need my 22 dollars!! Oh and FYI i had them bill it to the account and i will not have to pay until October 5th....


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